SnapOnAir PCB + Raspberry Pi Zero W = BlackBerry-style Handheld PC

By on April 3, 2019
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The SnapOnAir Raspberry PI ZERO PCB allows you to add a 2.8 Color ILI9341 TFT display and a TCA8418 I2C chip based keyboard to a Raspberry Pi Zero W sbc.

Pi Zero W, because of its specs, is not exactly an ideal computer to use as a PC. But the SnapOnAir makes it simpler for those who want to experiment with it and create something that resembles a classic BlackBerry phone from years past with a physical Qwerty board.

The device also allows for the use of a buzzer and audio connections, and it would seem that is has space for an 1800 mAh battery. While the PCB has many potential uses, if you think it resembles a Blackberry or two-way messaging device of some kind, you aren’t too far off.

The PCB is ideal for makers who enjoy a good technical challenge for the sake of it and it is now available to purchase from Tindie price of just $10.

Further information are available on Github or in the video below.

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