SensorDots Port MuxR | A KVM Switch but for Electronics

By on March 12, 2019
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The Port MuxR is a programmable, 8/16 channel, bi-directional, switched bus multiplexer, that’s like a KVM Switch but for electronics. The Port MuxR can simplify and automate your test and measurement environment by allowing you to branch out a single programming cable/logic analyser to multiple devices. This not only allows you to save money but it can help you scale you test and measurement environment.

There’s a multitude of other uses for it as well such as connecting multiple processors to a single device, solving incompatibility by joining different buses together and switching between them or even creating a Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) switcher.

The Port MuxR works by connecting a set of pins, to your choice of additional pins on different switchable ports, which are all connected to a shared bus and tied together with a simple control interface. The control circuitry allows you connect a collection of pins with groups of low resistance FET switches to a common bus.

The Port MuxR features include:
• Bidirectional data flow, with near-zero propagation delay through each FET switch.
• Low ON-state resistance through switch ICs (Ron = 3 Ω typical, @ 3V) and optional series resistors on primary port pins.
• Low input/output capacitance.
• -2V undershoot protection prevents the FET (NMOS) switches from inadvertently turning on (when in off state) during signal undershoot events.
• 0 to 5V signaling levels supported.
• Supports both digital and analog applications.
• USB serial/I2C slave control interface with selectable I2C addressing (the I2C port is master mode capable too).
• Low crosstalk through switches when off.
• 8 controllable Vcc pins (with LED indicator).
• 3.3/5V Vcc selection header (with optional external power on adapter boards).
• 8×8 pin or 16×4 pin multiplexing with additional primary port.
• Included open-source .NET based control software.
• Open-source Arduino control firmware for easy updating or modification to suit your requirements.

We’ve also created some adapter boards that let you connect up certain programmers and debuggers to devices. We will also be including design files that will let you easily create your own with the Port MuxR.


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