Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly Service Accelerates Productivity

By on March 6, 2018
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Seeed Studio’s Fusion service doesn’t just make PCBs, they also have all-in-one assembly services from parts procurement to testing, allowing you to get on with what matters and maximize productivity. As a one-stop shop for prototyping and small batch manufacture, Seeed’s PCBA service will have the PCBs manufactured and all the components sourced without you having to leave your desk. Then, an in-house assembly team will assemble the complete PCBA device using industry grade materials and equipment. Other additional services are available such as kitting and testing as per your needs.


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What types of assembly can they do?

Whether you need FR4, aluminum, Rogers or flexible boards, multi-layered, ENIG or OSP, Seeed can mount components onto any PCB board.

Surface mount, through-hole and mixed assembly are achieved with the entirely lead-free assembly line compliant with IPC-A-610F standards. Highly trained technicians are also on hand to solder fine pitch components from 0.38mm pitch and 01005 package size.


How does Seeed Fusion source the parts?

Seeed takes all the hassle out of parts procurement on your behalf. Components are sourced from reputable partners including DigiKey, Mouser, TME and Element14 to ensure reliability. The online platform can match the parts in the Bill of Materials (BOM) to supplier databases directly and give you a quote in seconds.



Upload your BOM and the system will match the part numbers with their supplier systems to get individual prices and descriptions

Seeed also has an in-stock catalog of commonly used components in the Seeed Open Parts Library (OPL) for you to take advantage of. These components can save you both money and time. What’s more, just this month, over 400 of these components are completely free in our March sales (400+ free OPL Components).


How long does Seeed PCBA take?

The entire PCBA lead time is below 25 working days, the longest duration being the import of components which can take around two to three weeks. But you can slash this time by sourcing all the components from the OPL, bringing the time for parts procurement down from a few weeks to a few minutes. Assembly can be completed in as little as 8 hours so you could have your device fully manufactured and assembled within one week. Also, express shipping is included as standard, so they’ll be sure to be on your desk in no time.


How much does it cost?

Seeed PCB assembly service is economical, ideal for Makers and engineers on any budget. Fees start from $25 set-up cost and assembly fees range from $0.01 to $0.30 per component. Express shipping is also completely free. Just this month, you can also get $50 off an order of $100 along with the free OPL components.


Bonus – Testing facilities

Above assembly, Seeed also offers a variety of test services including functional, software and environmental testing. Also, the boards undergo complete visual inspections along each stage of the assembly line to scrutinize assembly quality and accuracy. Further X-ray testing for BGAs, AOI testing and certifications such as FCC and CE are available if required.


Why Seeed?

As a hardware innovation platform, Seeed Studio has helped over 50 Kickstarter projects worldwide and partnered with numerous Universities and educational institutions, bringing high quality and fast results at affordable prices. Using their PCB assembly services can save you both valuable time and resources that could be spent on developing other prototypes or help you catch up with an upcoming deadline.


This March only, Seeed is holding massive sales across it’s PCB services including the Assembly service. Get $50 off PCBA orders, 10% off PCB and choose from a selection of over 400 FREE OPL parts. There really is no better time to try Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly, so don’t miss out. Start your PCBA journey with Seeed Fusion here.

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