DIY Your Christmas Shirt!

By on December 25, 2018
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If you are searching for a cool project for Christmas, for sure it’s not like an amazing house light system, but instructables user Magesh Jayakumar has created something you’ll find inspiring: a wearable light system!

Hello all, do you want to Make something fun and cool for the holiday season , here’s an Instructable for you those who are interested in wearables and Fashion.

Whenever someone crosses you or new person comes across you, your shirt will glow by detecting the presence of a human or any other object that crosses you using an PIR sensor. With just a few components and a shirt you can make this project with ease and without any fuss. Lets Make it.

Before to start this project, take a look to the components list:

  • An arduino or any other clones (Seeedstudio Lotus has been used for this project)
  • String LED
  • PIR sensor
  • A battery to power it up

Watch the demonstrative video below or jump to the projetc’s page for full details of this funny Christmas wearable system!

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