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This section is for our community, it’s about powering your projects and ideas.

As you all know, we periodically release cool open source projects, sometimes involving the components we sell on our store, sometimes just fun or technically awesome projects that we feel you may appreciate.

You can submit your projects and ask for publication: we are opening this possibility, the possibility to submit your ideas and inventions to the community.

To ensure that your project has more possibility to be selected for publication you should ensure:

  • Your post is presenting your original works
  • Your post is self explicative and contains all the information needed for other makers to replicate your work

How to submit a Projects:

  • Register
  • Present your project through the following form
  • We’ll check the subject and enable you to create your post on our Blog
  • Following the guidelines that will be embedded in the publishing backend!
  • This is all



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