Project With Open-electronics

Do you have an idea and would you like the components to make it happen?
Present it to us and we’ll give you the components to accomplish it!

How it works

Every day millions of makers and enthusiasts like you, make innovative ideas to meet their needs: there are those who make their home alarm alone, who creates a system to monitor the sleep of their children, who builds a rocket with sensors of every type…
Time and money are invested in hobbies or necessities.
Just as often happens that an idea is not completed because the necessary investments are too high. :-(
We want everyone to make their dreams come true and that’s why we launched the Project With Open-electronics program.


The Project With Open-electronics program is divided into 5 simple steps:

1. Share your idea with us

Everything starts with an idea. Share your idea with us using the below form and, if you have not yet identified the material necessary to make it in our store, we will help you choose the right products.

2. Purchase the material at

After identifying the material you can buy everything you need on our store.

3. Make your project

Now it’s time to get to work: received the material you have 3 months to complete the project.

4. Post all the details on the website using this form

Once the project has been completed, all that remains is to publish all the details on the website. Careful, it is at this stage that you have to give the best of yourself: the more details you enter, the higher the value of the coupon (up to the total amount you spend to receive the material). Below you will find a detail of how your commitment will be calculated.

5. Receive a coupon up to the amount spent in the store

Now that you have published the project you will receive a coupon proportionate to the details provided. And with this coupon you can buy more material on to create new ideas.


How to propose a project

To propose your idea, fill out the form below with all the details and the codes of the components you find on that you will need to make it.
Our technical staff will evaluate the feasibility of the project and will tell you if your idea has been approved. Your idea must be approved to the have the money back as a coupon, so wait to place the order!
After the approval, you can buy the material and work immediately to your project. Once it is finished, you will have to present it on our blog with all the details and more details there are, the higher the value of the coupon will be.
You can get up to 100% of the coupon rebate to spend at


How to have the money back (coupon)

In order to receive the coupon, you will simply have to publish all the details of the project on the website.
The more details you enter the higher the value of the coupon will be.
These are the objectives to be achieved to have at a 100% coupon value (100 points)
Creativity and originality (maximum 20 points)
Project documentation (maximum 20 points)
Detailed Code (maximum 10 points)
Impact on people’s quality of life (maximum 10 points)
User experience (maximum 10 points)
2-5 minute video (maximum 20 points)
Detailed photos (maximum 10 points)

An example

To be clear, we show you an example


  • GSM/GPS locator with Arduino

Required material:

Total expenditure € 120 (it’s an example!)

Filling out the form and inserting a brief explanation our technicians will accept or not the idea.
It means that if the project is original and is considered valid, you can receive until a 100% rebate in a coupon (in this case € 120).
Now you can buy the material you need, work on your project, publish it and receive the coupon.



• The project must be original or must give added value to the project it is inspired by
• Only materials purchased at will be refunded by coupon
• The coupon can only be spent at
• The material used in the project and shipping costs will be reimbursed according to the objectives
• Products such as 3D printers, instrumentation and in general products not directly used in the design will not be reimbursed
• No more than 3 months can pass from the purchase to the publication (unless otherwise agreed with the staff)
• In order to be reimbursed, a project must have been authorized by the staff. Projects for which an agreement has not been made will not be reimbursed



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