Sci Fi Your Pi Design Challenge: can you make a tricorder or a hunter seeker, with your raspberry pi?

By on June 4, 2015
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With the motto “Making Science out of Science Fiction”, Element14 community launched last month a competition among makers devoted to low cost computing and open source hardware to present their projects, following the rule:

The element14 members are being challenged to create applications that inspired them from science fiction: the inspiration could arise from a movie, television programme, novel, comic book or even a radio show.  Potential challengers will be required to detail not only the application they wish to build but also the source of their inspiration.

Each challenger will be given a Raspberry Pi and a complete suite of Accessories to execute on their projects.

The challenge organizers proposed also interesting themes, to start with!

  1. An automated quadcopter– which scans an area and creates alerts when necessary.   (thus bringing to life some of the functionality from devices such as the “Hunter Seeker” from Frank Herbert’s “Dune”)
  2. An auto-lockdown gated system—which responds to weather conditions and secures its environment, a la Jurassic Park.
  3. A medical scanning device – used in conjunction with wearable technology, which can provide an accurate assessment of someone’s vital signs quickly. (thus bringing to life some of the functionality from devices the “Tricorder” from “Star Trek”)
  4. An environmental control system that responds to voice commands – thus bringing to life some of the functionality from Hal 9000” in “2001: A Space Odyssey” (albeit without negative consequences).
  5. An intelligent motion tracker – which can “see” in the dark (rather like the devices used by the Colonial Marines in “Aliens” or P. K. E. Meter from GhostBusters)

All challengers received also some raspberry pi 2, raspberry pi model b+, gps and gyro sensors, camera kit, MEMS sensors and other interesting stuff. See here for the full list.

All the projects can be followed on element14 website and in next posts we’ll talk about the most interesting ones.

The prize? a symbolic one, but a real guttony for the nerd inside us! The Boba Fett helmet shown in the opening picture!

Winner will be announced on August, 4th.


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