Robo makes 3D printing cheaper and easier

By on October 5, 2016
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Robo hopes to straighten out some of the technical issues and continues to make strides towards affordable, but also smart and easy-to-use 3D printing technology and supporting accessories: “simplifying the path to every print.”

They launched a previously successful Kickstarter campaign for the Robo 3D R1, their first 3D printer. Unlike other early models, like the Makerbot Replicator 2, the R1 received glowing reviews on 3D hubs, a platform for all things 3D printing, for its great value and kick initial set-up. One owner said of the printer: “The printer is great and prints fairly well out of the box, with a bit of open source improvements and some care it can become a great and reliable printer.”

Now, Robo’s more recent Kickstarter campaign releases the Robo C2 and the Robo R2 that have been redesigned and reimagined.

Both new devices are affordable and make it possible to the newest in smart, efficient desktop 3D printing tech for under $1,200. The larger R2 goes for $1099 and $599 for the somewhat smaller C2 on Kickstarter. Back in 2014, the price for basic, at-home 3D printers would have been thousands of dollars.

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