RepRapPro releases new model Ormerod

By on January 16, 2014
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Here’s the latest news about the RepRapPro Ormerod:

Named after entomologist Eleanor Ormerod, the RepRap Ormerod is meant to be quick and easy to build (about 1 to 2 hours for the RepRapPro team), has a heated build platform, a print volume of 200mm3, pre-assembled wiring loom to remove the need for soldering, and a 1.75 mm extruder drive.  The printer, in the tradition of RepRap, is open source, as is its new 32-bit controller, the Duet.  Designed by the RepRapPro team, as well as Chris Palmer, Andy Hingston, Tony and Roland Lock andThink3DPrint3D, is similar to the Arduino Due, programmable via the Arduino IDE, and can be controlled withnew RepRap Firmware created by RepRapPro.

Another good news is that we are going to release soon an interview with mr Adrian Bowyer, RepRap project father: stay super tuned!

Here’s the entire comment on 3Dprinting industry The RepRap Ormerod from RepRapPro Officially Launched – 3D Printing Industry , and here you can find the official launch release

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