RaspTouch Audio Player: SABRE DAC for audiophiles by Audiophonics on Kickstarter

By on June 30, 2016
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High-end Open Source audio player with Aluminium chassis, touchscreen and ES9018K2M output DAC. piCore Player & RuneAudio compatible

Amazing, amazing audiophile project from the French company Audiophonics. To whom like me are passionate about audio quality, the only (good indeed) solution if you wanted to use Raspberry Pi as DAC was the HiFiBerry.

Audiophonics is launching on Kickstarter a high level solution based on the world’s best class ESS Sabre DAC, an audiophile digital to analogue converter usually present in very expensive audioplayers.

Fully supporting open source software, like the acclaimed Rune Audio player, piCore player and Kodi, the DAC comes with a nice aluminum chassis that can host a 7″ touch display to use the player as standalone.

By using Raspberry Pi, we are giving customers the possibility to choose the software solution that is best adapted to their needs.

Solutions like piCore Player, KODI, Raspbian and Rune Audio, have been tested and they work with our RaspTouch.

However if you are looking for a ready to use product, you can opt for the Rune Audio edition, just plug it in & play your music.


There are 2 DAC choices :

ES9023 :
Best ES9023 based RPI DAC, optimized Circuitry, TCXO Clock, on-board linear low noise LDO regulator and power management.

ES9018K2M :First ESS ES9018K2M RPI DAC with differential I/V converter and output buffer.
Now available for the Raspberry Pi.
In addition to this DAC we will use a power controller including linear regulation for stable and quiet supply.


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