Raspberry Pi Zero (W) Shield for Arduino

By on January 23, 2019
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BurgessWorld Custom Electronics has launched a new Raspberry Pi shield that allows you to combine in the same project the power of a Raspberry Pi Zero (W) SBC with the flexibility of Arduino.

The Arduino-compatible shield is highly compatible and allows you to mount and power a Raspberry Pi Zero or the new Zero W mini PC and communicate with an Arduino-compatible micro-controller via Serial(UART), SPI, I2C, or Logic-level pin signalling.

The shield supports Arduino compatible micro-controllers that use the standard UNO R3 header such as the Mega, Due, UNO, Duemilanove, etc and clones.

Raspberry Pi Zero (W) Shield for Arduino is now available to purchase from the Tindie website for $25.95


  • The 2.1mm barrel jack, 6.5 – 12V supply (6-5 – 9V recommended), can supply the on-board 5V LDO with 2A total output current.
  • The micro-USB jack can provide up to 2.5A total output current, with the included power adapter.
  • Both inputs are filtered and have current-limiting poly-fuses for protection.

Other Features:

  • Reset switch for the micro-controller
  • Shield power LED
  • LED connected to Arduino pin 13
  • LED connected to Raspberry Pi GPIO pin 13
  • Female headers allowing for full-access to all Arduino pins. NOTE: You CAN stack shields on top of this shield by installing a non-stacking female header on the Raspberry Pi (included in Pi Kit) and using a header extensions kit (available for a small charge)
  • ICSP header access for AVR Micro-controllers
  • 3mm mounting holes for securely mounting Raspberry Pi Zero (W) to shield (mounting hardware included)
  • Solder-jumpers to disconnect Micro-controller SDA/SCL pins from pull-up resistors
  • Solder-jumper to disconnect Raspberry Pi GPIO13 from LED
  • Example sketches for Serial/SPI/I2C/Logic-level communications for Arduino found in my Github account
  • Example Python scripts for Serial/SPI/I2C/Logic-level communications for Raspberry Pi found in my Github account
  • Instructions for configuring the Raspberry Pi to support Serial/SPI/I2C/Logic-level communication found in my Github account

NOTE: Example sketches were devolped on an Arduino UNO and may require adjustment to work on other micro-controllers.

Package Includes:

  • Fully assembled Raspberry Pi Shield
  • 5v 2.5A AC/DC power supply (US Plug)
  • 3 Brass Standoffs with screws for mounting Raspberry Pi
  • 3 4-inch male-to-female jumper wires

Optional Add-ons:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W KIT. Includes Pi Zero W, 16GB MicroSD Card, Mini HDMI Adapter, 6-inch OTG cable, regular (short) and extended 40-pin header

  • Raspberry Pi 5MP camera/webcam (v1.3) with standard cable and Raspberry Pi Zero cable

  • 5-Piece Arduino header extension kit. Allows stacking shields on top of the Raspberry Pi shield (requires use of ‘short’ 20-pin header on Raspberry Pi Zero.)

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