Pi Cubes – Raspberry Pi Based HVAC Automation System

By on August 16, 2015
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Pi Cubes is modular DIY/Hobby HVAC Automation system based on the Raspberry Pi Linux Board.

System is designed on the principles that commercial Building/HVAC automation systems are designed, only leveraged down to the Hobby/DIY market.

Pi-Cubes provides a complete solution by using Raspberry Pi to control your home HVAC system in any complexity. You may control your Furnace, Boilers, Humidifiers, Air Handler Units, Dampers, Valves and any other HVAC equipment.

Pi-Cubes may be used not just for HVAC automation, with choice of different I/O boards you may control your garage door, garden sprinklers and anything else that could be automated.

Raspberry Pi provides a wide range of programming options, from Python, Node JS, C/C++ and all kind of existing control frameworks.

Basic component of the system is Pi-Cubes Main Board, the motherboard of the system. The Raspberry PI B+/2 is mounted on this board and safely attached on spacers with screws.The main board has integrated 24VDC power supply, integrated RTC, Super Capacitor Backup, RS485 based communication jack for the thermostats and an extension port for I/O modules.

The main board supports up to six additional I/O modules connected to the extension port, the total of up to 24 I/O points are supported. Modular design provides easy way to mix I/O modules to create your custom automation solution. Available I/O Modules are:

•  DO4 Output module – provides four relay outputs, with maximum current 2A and voltage 24V AC/DC.

•  UI4 Input module – provides four universal inputs, selectable as analog, resistive or digital input.

•  UO4 Output module – provides four universal outputs , selectable as analog or digital output.

For further information, please refer to PI-Cubes official website or to the kickstarter project page.

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