PaPiRus – 300% funded on Kickstarter the first e-ink display for Raspberry Pi

By on May 16, 2015
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PaPiRus is a versatile ePaper display HAT for the Raspberry Pi with screens ranging from 1.44″ to 2.7″ in size.

ePaper is a display technology that mimics the appearance of ink on paper. Unlike conventional displays, ePaper reflects light – just like ordinary paper – and is capable of holding text and images indefinitely, even without electricity.

The display does not require any power to keep the image and will stay ‘on’ without any power connection for many days before slowly fading.

ePaper Features:

  • Ultra-low-power – Battery Drive/Energy Harvest
  • Easy to Read – Sunlight readable
  • High Resolution – Display small details
  • Thin & Light – Easy to Integrate
  • Green – Paper Replacement
  • Wide Viewing Angle – 180 degrees – like paper
  • Breakage Detection – Detect TFT glass breakage before update
  • Open Waveform – Open driving source and sample project code

24 days until the end of the crowdfunding campaign and they have already been funded 300%. Rush to get an early bird for £25!

On Kickstarter.

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