Oregon Tech kickstarts owlBoard a FPGA devkit in Open Hardware

By on February 1, 2015
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A very cool educational project that is worth supporting: if you work with students you may support the project or just…take inspiration!

I’m a professor at Oregon Tech looking to start an open-source hardware lab. I want to teach my students to design and develop open-source hardware that the community can use.

What have we created?

We’ve created the open-source owlBoard, based on the Numato Mimas board. I currently use the owlBoard to teach my students:

  • Embedded system design
  • Surface mount soldering
  • Wire wrapping/ prototyping
  • Pin mapping
  • Verilog coding

 I think of it as a DIY devboard for the Spartan 6. 

via owlBoard FPGA devkit, Open Hardware Lab at Oregon Tech by Kevin Pintong — Kickstarter.


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