Open Source Sensorless BLDC Motor Controller Now on Kickstarter

By on January 26, 2018
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The open source sensorless BLDC motor controller offers a modular system that includes a Texas Instruments microcontroller MSP430FR5949.

The motor controller is now on Kickstarter with pledges starting from $19 for the processor module: shipping is expected to start during April 2018 and comes complete with open source firmware.
The modular design also allows you to independently control each module and use them in different systems. You can also change or update each module without affecting other connected modules, providing an easy way to expand and enhance your project as you go.

The system consists of three modules:

– Processor Module (PM) – MSP430FR5949

  • 3…24V input voltage, 3.3V output, 150 mA LDO
  • MSP430FR5949 microcontroller
  • 768 kHz crystal
  • pads for JTAG and UART interfaces
  • all 33 (from 40) usable PINs are available
  • small size: 1″ x 0.5″

– Application Module (AM), offering the analog part of BLDC motor controller

  • 3…8.4V and up to 6A (12A MOSFETs)
  • Current Sense Amplifier with gain 50
  • Current Sense Resistor – 1/4 watt, 0.01 ohms, 1%
  • power pads
  • remote speed control pads (for 1…2 ms PPM, 0…100% duty cycle)
  • small size: 1″ x 0.5″

– Debug Module (DM)

  • 2-pin input power connector (up to 8.4 V)
  • 3-pin jumper block for “external/JTAG” power
  • 14-pin TI JTAG connector
  • 2 x 18 pins 0.100″ pitch debug connector
  • two 2 x 18 pins 0.050″ pitch sockets for PM
  • two 2 x 18 pins 0.050″ pitch connectors for AM
  • two 1.4 mm screws used for PM and AM aligned connection to DM
  • green LED
  • Micro USB Type B Connector and  serial UART to USB IC
  • two 18 pins 0.100″ pitch debug connectors for breadboard
  • small size: 2.8″ x 1″

To learn more about it, watch the demonstration video below.

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