Obniz, IoT development board

By on July 30, 2018
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Obniz is developed by CambrianRobotics, Japan. It is a Japanese startup company and raised money through Kickstarter and started selling “obniz,” cloud connected IoT development board, in May.

Obniz is available worldwide through their website.

Obniz has 12 IO and WiFi-BLE module. It can be controlled through the APIs on obniz cloud, either through the REST or WebSocket API. One of the peculiarities of Obniz is that it can be programmed directly on the web browser of any smartphone or computer. Obniz is connected to the cloud through wifi. It is thus possible to remotely control the devices that are physically connected to obniz.

By using obniz, you can create your own DIY project. e.g. you can control the air conditioner from outside, link with Google home and make the automatic trash box, move the flag anytime you have got a comment on your twitter etc.

Characteristics of obniz
– Programming using smartphone. No need to download any Apps. Scan QR code and start programming using your smartphone.
– Control remotely from JavaScript/API via obniz cloud. Obniz is connected through wifi.
– Directly connect motors. obniz can drive 1A at 5V or 3V at all its 12 IO.
– Easily link with web services including twitter, dropbox etc


More info: obniz.io

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