NSynth Super Plays a Completely Different Music

By on March 21, 2018
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The NSynth Super is an open-source, experimental project which comes from Google’s research project, Magenta. Using NSynth, a neural network that generates sounds, the synthesizer can actually generate the sounds that come from an instrument. The algorithm uses the core qualities of an instrument to create sounds instead of just generating notes. Google’s neural synthesiser enables musicians to use machine learning to produce never-before-heard sounds and paw at the limits of computer-enhanced creativity.

NSynth Super provides several physical knobs to turn and a slick display to drag your finger on, making it more accommodating for live performers who are used to tweaking hardware boxes on the fly. There are controls for adjusting how much of a note you want to play, along with qualities known as attack, decay, sustain and release. And it lets you play sounds with a combination of four instruments at once.

The NSynth research was first detailed in May 2017 and now Google is open-sourcing the hardware specs and interface to let anyone hack together their own high-tech instrument. Google describes the Nysnth Super as an “open source experimental instrument”.

The NSynth Super is affordable and easy to build, it can be constructed from a few sheets of perspex, some 3D printed knobs at each corner, and a Raspberry Pi. All of the materials and schematics needed to build it are available on Github.

Let’s see how NSynth Super works.

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