NexD1 – The first Multimaterial & Electronics 3D Printer by Next Dynamics on Kickstarter now!

By on December 18, 2016
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3 days of Kickstarter campaign and the NexD1 amazing multimaterial liquid jet printer, capable of printing electronics, already hit the 200% funding. Let’s see how much they will collect after the following 41 days!

The NexD1 by Next Dynamics is the first 3D printer to ever give high end prototyping capabilities to everyone by making Multi-Material, 3D Electronics printing, extreme precision, high reliability and fast printing times available in one exciting machine.
We took the most advanced, industrial 3D printing technology called PolyJet™, optimized and reconfigured it and shrunk the cost radically.
We call it DigiJet.
DigiJet technology is able of print a wide range of materials, including special resins with nano-particles or pigments.

You can print 3d electronics and use up to 6 materials in parallel!

Print 3D electronics
Print 3D electronics

The NexD1 prints fully functional circuits exactly like in a regular PCB and places them in any 3D configuration within your design. This is made possible by galvanizing a nano-particle infused resin. This is a truly new and revolutionary form of electronics manufacturing that opens up a limitless realm of potential in 3D prototyping.

Thanks to its 6 cartridge storage system, the NexD1 can print and combine six materials at once. There is no digital rights management (DRM) with our cartridges and a large array of compatible 3rd party photopolymers.

See more details and save money by going on the official Kickstarter page!

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