MiniPCR: another DNA discovery tool on Kickstarter

By on November 16, 2014
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Just if all the recently published projects in Open Source Biology and wet science stuff is not enough for you to get excited, look at this – just another – open source PCR project:

To prepare, amplify (copy), and visualize your DNA: With the DNA Family Tree kit, extract your own DNA and make so many million copies of it (in miniPCR) that you’ll see it shine before your eyes (with miniPCR visualizer).

Real-world biotech applications: Learn how DNA can be used to identify people, to detect bacteria in our food, to clone pieces of DNA from one organism into another, and more.

via miniPCR: A DNA Discovery System for Everyone by Zeke & Sebastian — Kickstarter.

It’s going to be an exciting era for DIY Bio

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