Light Electric Utility Vehicle Wins Third Hackaday Prize 2015

By on December 24, 2015
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Third prize on Hackaday Prize 2015 goes to LEUV, a nice project helping developing Countries to move freely!

Transportation is major issue in the poorest areas of the world. Places like where I live in South Sudan often have limited physical infrastructure and most vehicles can’t deal with the terrible roads. Specialty off road vehicles are also outside the means of the average person. I am attempting to build a solar powered electric utility vehicle that can deal with these harsh environments, and create a transportation solution that is available for everyone.

The vehicle should be: Rugged, low cost, and easy to build and repair

The basic design of the vehicle is an articulated frame which can rotate at the point of articulation so that all four wheels are in constant contact with the ground. Steering is accomplished by differential motor control. Each wheel is powered by a single pmdc geared motor via a chain drive. Power comes from two large tubular gel batteries which are charged by solar panels.

What would it cost?

I think I will spend bout USD $3500 on this vehicle. Almost USD $2000 of that is for solar panels and batteries.

Quantity Component name
4 × Electric Motors MY1122ZXF 650W 24V DC brush gear motor
2 × Batteries 200ah 12v Tubular gel lead acid
4 × Wheel assembly complete wheel assembly with sprocket for Senke 125cc motorcycle
4 × Solar panels 95W Tenesol monocrystalline
1 × Solar charge controller Tracer 4215bn 40a
2 × Motor Controller Sabertooth 2×60 Dual channel
1 × Wii nunchuck For controlling steering
2 × Arduino Pro mini controlling motor controllers, and displaying information on LCD
4 × Battery disconnect Shut-offs High current switch for isolating batteries
1 × 10k potentiometer Input for PID loop at hinge point
1 × Aluminum Bus Bar cut from 50mmx50mm angle for accessories.
1 × 50 amp ressetable fuse for protecting accessory line
1 × 355 amp main fuse Protecting line to controllers and welding
1 × 2500 lb pull ATV winch 12v warrior winch running @24v
7 × DS18b20 Temperature sensors For temperature monitoring
3 × ACS 758 200a current monitorig
1 × Android phone used for entertainment center
2 × 3w Spreakers Music from phone

details and schematics here: Light Electric Utility Vehicle •

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