LibreCalc is a Free and Open Source (SW + HW) calculator

By on January 19, 2015
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Awesome project LibreCalc wants to create a Free (as in speech) calculator, made with free software, using free software, and released as open hardware:

The second prototype took a little longer that we expected to be finished.

We still need to do screen painting for the keyboard, and some software adjustment, and maybe paint the casing in some nice color!

But we decided to give you now a preview of what we are currently working on:

List of new features available on this prototype:

  • 128 MB of Ram
  • A prettier casing
  • More usable keyboard (still improvements to come, notably on the directional pad of course! :). Some sensitivity problem have already been solved since this video. )
  • Complete autonomy (It is possible to boot the prototype anywhere, without any external cable, computer, or power supply) . By the way boot time to calculation interface is currently under 8 seconds we are still working on optimizations.
  • Software improvements (Menu, Python, Computer Algebra)

via Second prototype preview | LibreCalc.

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