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By on August 27, 2021
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Kutluhan Aktar has a gradually growing Twitter account for his website. Most of the time he forgets to check the follower trend to measure their growth. So, he decided to create this system to be placed on the desk that shows his account information, specifically: current follower count, current account name and ID, three previous follower counts.


First of all, to be able to collect information by avoiding any authentication process related to the Twitter API, we use a content distribution network (CDN) – cdn.syndication.twimg – in order to obtain the number of followers of any account.

Once we get the information from Twitter, we program a web application in PHP, called Twitter Follower Tracker, running on the Raspberry Pi to print the data packet, then we use an Arduino Nano 33 IoT to get the information transferred from the PHP web application and display them on a Nokia 5110 screen. Finally we add an analog joystick and two buttons to control menu options and scroll text.

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