Helium: an Open Source, supercapacitor-powered portable speaker!

By on November 27, 2013
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This product is really amazing: “speakers that charge in five minutes, play for six hours at full volume, and sound awesome.” and are open-source!

  • Innovative – it is the first portable speaker to use supercapacitors as batteries. They charge in 5 minutes, play for at least 6 hours, and have a charge life of over half a million times during its lifespan.
  • Open-sourced and sustainable – Using bamboo and supercapacitors we have created a more sustainable speaker that will last a lifetime. They are also open-sourced. We want to push the world toward longer-lasting, more sustainable products so we are making our ideas available to anyone who wants to build awesome product.s
  • Hand-crafted, high quality – The speaker combines hand-crafted design with great sound quality. A full 4” driver powered by supercapacitors means better sound that can run longer than the competition. Blueshift has a modern look, thoughtful design, and remarkable performance.

Blueshift builds open-source electronics in Portland, Oregon: the company is committed to products that last, so everything they make can be repaired and upgraded.

Time to support Blueshift that is launching the brand via a crowdfunding campaign on www.crowdsupply.com.


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