Gesto: Amazing open-source gesture control platform, EMG and Accels together!

By on July 3, 2015
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Gesto is the world’s first open-source boards for wearable gesture control with a unique method that combines muscle signals with motion patterns. It recognizes more gestures than any other platform: wave, pinch, air drawing gestures, turn a surface into a touch interface, and much more.

Gesto’s team designed a modular DIY 3D printing band to assemble all the Gesto electronics in the body (wrist, forearm, arm, torso, leg).


40 x 40 mm

1. EMG circuit ADS1294
2. Microcontroller ATmega1284p
3. 3-axis accelerometer MMA8652FC
4. EMG cables connection
5. Battery connection
6. Micro USB connection
7. Bluetooth RN42-HID
8. ICSP connection

Gesto is compatible with Arduino and Raspberry and, with the app Caelum, you can record your own gestures and use them to control whatever you can imagine!

You can get raw data or use the patterns for other analysis.

Gesto boards have 4 bipolar muscle channels (+3-axis accelerometer for Caelum). The ground electrode has been eliminated by creating a virtual ground. This means you can measure muscle activity in any part of the body without extra cables and electrodes. We provide all the tools you need to do muscle analysis: software filters, machine learning algorithms, feature extraction, data compression, integration, and more.

These will be available for different languages like Matlab, C, Python, Java

Here you can download an overview of the whole system. On the Crowd Supply website all the full details Gesto: biggest open-source gesture control platform


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