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By on June 24, 2015
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The Common Parts Library is a set of commonly used electronic components for designing, prototyping, and manufacturing connected device products. Th initiative, partnered by SeeedStudio, here is the “manifesto” available on the website:

The Common Parts Library aims to widen two bottlenecks in product development that exist today.

The first is that component selection is a time consuming process. Often component selection comes down to the question of, “what’s the <component> that everyone uses for <application> and has good availability in the supply chain?” The Common Parts Library should answer this question quickly.

The second is that during PCB assembly, contract manufacturers place orders for all the parts specified in a BOM. By focusing designs around a common set of parts, contract manufacturers can keep these common parts on hand, speeding assembly time, and allowing them to take advantage of larger economies of scale.

The goal is to tighten development cycles and speed the processes of product development.

Each section of the CPL contains a list of generic parts, each of which has at least one associated orderable part. Where possible, we’ve listed two or more orderable parts for each generic part. Ideally, orderable parts associated with the same generic part would be drop-in alternates. However, this is not always possible. We’ve indicated where the associated orderable parts are not drop in replacements due to different sizes, footprints, or attributes.

Joining the community and subscribing to the newsletter can really help you finding the right component! Here are the main categories:

Source: Common Parts Library – Octopart

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