Father and Son wish you a Maker Christmas and a Hacker new year (in Dancing LEDs)

By on October 28, 2014
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OMG. This project needs to be backed even only for the AMAZING song this father and son put together.

Can’t miss.

Bluetooth hackable Christmas lights. Hassle-free setup and easy-to-use smart phone app. Any light, any color, any time.

Creating amazing, dynamic holiday displays is about to get a lot easier.  Dancing LEDs are strings of vibrant, energy efficient lights controlled by a smart phone app with an extensive library of free and low-cost light sequences.  Any light on the string can be any color at any time.  With 16 million colors and up to 4,000 lights per controller the creative possibilities are endless.

via Dancing LEDs by Jarrod Eliason — Kickstarter.

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