Extending USB Hub and UART on Pi Zero W

By on November 28, 2017
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A new project for Pi Zero launched on Kickstarter, the Hubserialixed to add 3 USB Hub and a UART to your Pi Zero, without the need of any connector or cable


The latest iteration of Pi Zero adds Wifi and Bluetooth, but the lack of the USB ports limit its usability. Its small size it a major attraction for its user, but when you add an external USB hub, it loses its appeal. This is where Reference Designer’s Hubpixed, came into picture when it was first mentioned in the January 24, 2016 blog.

Its main appeal was the pogo pins which made contact with the testpoints +5V, GND, USB D+, and USB D- on the Pi Zero. It came pre-installed with the Hex Standoffs. All you needed were 4 Screws and the Pogo pins will make connection with the Power and USB Pins.

Hubserialixed is a nice extension of the Hubpixed. With the Wifi and Bluetooth already included in the Raspberry Pi Zero, the need of the USB ports reduced. But you still needed at least 2 USB ports, for example, for Wifi and Blue tooth. Hubserialxed retains 3 USB ports. On the forth USB port, it adds a USB to UART chip – it uses low cost CH340G chipset to extend the UART Serial port functionality.


The Hubserialixed is priced competitively on kickstarter. For early backers, it is only $8, while similar competitor products are $10 and over with just the USB ports and no UART.

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