Embroidermodder 2 is on Kickstarter

By on February 12, 2014
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We usually don’t cover purely software stories but this project is really cool: an open source embroidery software for everyone.

The project is still not live but you can send feedback or just get in touch with the developer if interested!

Create your own custom embroidered apparel with this easy to use, cross-platform embroidery software.

For Everyone

You won’t have to be an embroidery expert or even own an embroidery machine to use our software. Although if you are a professional digitizer, we encourage you to support our project which in turn will help lower your operating expenses.

CAD/CAM Embroidery Design

The interface itself is a CAD/CAM software but tailored for embroidery. This is intentional since both CAD and embroidery use vector formats and the embroidery machines are really just specialized CNC equipment (I.E. 3D Printers, CNC Laser Cutters, CNC Routers, CNC Lathes). So if you are interested in or familiar with CAD/CAM, then it will be possible to use it in that fashion also.

The interface is very similar to existing CAD applications so existing CAD users should be able to start using it immediately with little or no learning curve. It also incorporates additional features which are typically present in less precise graphics applications, such as the auto-adjusting ruler and an easily accessible undo history

via Embroidermodder 2 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Pi and Arduino by Jonathan Greig — Kickstarter.


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