Domestic Science Machines: hacking kitchen tools into Medical Devices

By on October 16, 2013
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How to hack domestic, kitchen tools  and transform it into Medical Devices:

via Domestic Science Machines.

Inspired by hacked laboratory equipment “Domestic Science Machines” are a collection of devices that combine the regular use of home appliances with a scientific function in order to make scientific experiments accessible and available to a wider audience.

The coffee machine functions as a regular drip coffee machine, yet transforms into a spectrometer to analyse materials.

The temperature controlled slow cooker can be used as a PCR cycler for growing DNA.

The salad spinner is easily modified into a centrifuge, for separating liquids, whilst the portable microscope allows for playful explorations from an unusual scale.

Basing the designs around the familiarity of household objects makes it easier for people to engage with scientific instruments without prior experience. The use of wood and ceramics instead of plastic and metal are a contrast to the look of scientific instruments, that are often cold and uninviting.


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