DIY Zen Garden Table

By on February 24, 2017
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“I wanted the end product to represent peacefulness, I wanted to bring some zen to my living-room. I think that I did.”

This is what instructables user MakrToolbox said to explain his project purpose.

The table consists of a piece of plate glass covering a “garden” of sand and stones. On top of this is a metal ball that moves around via a joystick on the side of the table, traversing the sand and making interesting shapes, like a giant Etch A Sketch. The ball is pulled around with a magnetic servo-powered gantry system underneath.

By using a gantry similar to a 3d printer without the z – axis, an Arduino UNO with 2 stepper motor drivers and some rather simple code, this user found his peace of mind.

Rather than programming a set space into the code, he simply installed a endstop on the min and max for both axis, so 0,0 triggers motor stop, as well as XXX,XXX max triggers motor stop. This makes programming much easier.

You can find all you need to build your personal end table here.

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