DIY a Self Driving, Arduino-Powered Electric Quad!

By on November 16, 2018
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Instructables user Sieuwe Elferink has just created a semi-autonomous kids’ four-wheeler. The Arduino powered Quad can steer itself within a set of lines, and stop for pedestrians and inanimate objects.

For this project you will need the following materials:

3x TCRT5000 line sensor
1x HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor
4x 5V relay
1x Windshield wiper motor
1x Arduino
2x tooth gears
1x chain
Some metal
A lot of wires!!
And some motivation

The augmented vehicle uses an Arduino Nano for control, plus a pair of TCRT5000 sensors attached to tubing on the sides to pick up boundary lines. Obstacle avoidance is via an ultrasonic sensor on the front. Four relays are used to activate a former windshield wiper motor for steering through a chain and sprocket system, along with the vehicle’s original motor for propulsion.

Code and elctrical chematic is available on GitHub. Find out more information in the video below.

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