DIY a Pi 1986 Wireless Intercom

By on August 4, 2017
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To prove that ‘retro’ is not only for games, the Intructable user MisterM started this “Google Pi Intercom” project. The name might be a bit misleading, because it is essential a makeshift Google Home that is activated by pressing a button. It’s not a two-way communication device, unless you consider talking to Google Assistant two-way communication.

This Google Pi Intercom is built around the Raspberry Pi. But it isn’t doing it alone. It has been made possible, or rather easier, thanks to Google’s AI-it-Yourself kit or AIY (the Voice HAT). It makes easy to run and use Google Assistant on a Raspberry Pi.

Unlike most DIY projects, however, this doesn’t require any 3D printing. MisterM was fortunate to have some 80s FM intercoms lying around, which made for the perfect housing for a Google Home intercom. Well, almost perfect. Even with all the old innards gutted out, the Raspberry Pi + Voice HAT wasn’t a perfect fit and MisterM had to make a few modifications, concessions, as well as holes along the way.

The end result, especially after a nice paint job, is a Google-themed Google Home-alike Google Pi Intercom, with a fully functional Google Assistant at your beck and call.

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