DIY a Cool 3D Printed Weather/Matrix Lamp

By on February 7, 2018
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If you are searching for an accurate and cool weather station, I have what you need!

The lamp, which integrates an LED matrix controlled by a Raspberry Pi, is programmed to show the temperature through a vertical range of colors (blue at the bottom for cold and red at the top for hot), as well as precipitation and wind conditions. For instance, if it is raining, the user will see blue lights dropping downwards; if it is snowing, the drops will be white; if it is windy, lights will more horizontally across the lamp.

The Netherlands-based maker has also programmed his lamp to display the current wind speed and direction.

All you need to build your LED lamp is:

  • ws2812 LED lights (288 LEDs in total)
  • 3D printed LED holder
  • a glass casing for the lamp (you can also take it from an existing but unused lamp)
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • 5 Volt power source
  • 3 mm diameter wire
  • 3D printed lamp base (which hides the Raspberry Pi)

The maker Gosse Adema provides a detailed step-by-step guide on his Intructables page, which can be consulted for everything from the lamp’s 3D design, to its weather programming, to its electronic assembly.

“This Instructable started with an idea to create a weather controlled lamp. This requires the lamp to retrieve the actual weather. Completed with the weather forecast of the day. There are several websites which provide this information. I’ve choosen to use the Weather Underground website.”

He has also included Python code in the tutorial which can transform the 3D printed LED lamp into either an emergency light or a lava lamp. Adema adds that you can also adapt the lamp’s programming to add a clock or social media alert function.

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