Creating an open source prosthetic hand for the masses

By on February 26, 2016
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We like those initiatives alot, here is a special one from OpenBionics as reported by

The next generation of bionics

Open Bionics is thrilled to announce the next generation of bionic hands.

From the Marvel Universe, hot out of Tony Stark’s workshop, the Iron Man hand.

Artwork designed in collaboration with Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB and inspired by Lightsabers, the Star Wars lightsaber hand.

Inspired by Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, the Snowflake hand.

Now kids can get excited about their prosthetics. They won’t have to do boring physical therapy, they’ll train to become heroes. They’re not just getting medical devices, they’re getting bionic hands inspired by their favorite characters. The Walt Disney Company is generously donating the time of its creative teams and providing royalty free licenses. More designs coming soon!

OpenBionics’ 25-year-old CEO Joel Gibbard wants to make low-cost robotic hands for everyone. In a talk he gave at TEDx Exeter, he said that a typical prosthetic hand costs about $17,000 before additional fitting costs. According to a recent article in, advanced prosthetics can cost a patient anywhere from $4,400 to nearly $90,000 depending on insurance coverage.

Gibbard’s greatest inspiration has been to replicate nature. That’s why, in 2013, he launched a crowdfunding campaign for what he called the Open Hand Project, an effort to produce 3D printed robotic hands that can be reliably controlled via EMG sensors.

He created OpenBionics in April 2014 to commercialize the research undertaken by the Open Hand Project.

OpenBionics recently started selling maker kits and components on our website to help people build their open source hands. The design files for the Ada hand are hosted on and our “featured” Instructables has diagrams and detailed guides.

Source: Creating an open source prosthetic hand for the masses

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