C-Turtle: a Multi-Terrain Crawling Robot

By on August 24, 2017
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Researchers at University of Arizona have created a modular robot made of cardboard and a Raspberry Pi Zero for around $70.

The form and movement of this little machine is made to mimic a sea turtle, and the cardboard fins can be swapped out for more durable, 3D-printed materials depending on the environment.

Biologists, mechanical engineers, and computer scientists collaborated to create this robot, and they have big plans for it; one day they hope to send it to Mars.

Team member Kevin Luck, a computer science doctoral candidate, envisions a stack of paper and a laser cutter being shipped to Mars someday and a fleet of bots self-assembling.

Potentially, a pack of them could roam around on Earth, monitoring certain types of conditions or performing tasks like searching minefields.

By using lasercutting and lamination as manufacturing methods, a fully functioning robot can be deployed in under a day with an optimal movement strategy for each robot and environment.

Watch the video above to see the C-Turtle robot in action and click here to learn more about this project.

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