Autodesk and Voxel8 moving forward with 3D Printed Electronics

By on January 22, 2015
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My impression is that this Autodesk strategic project potential just went a little underestimated:

Autodesk is developing Project Wire, a Spark Powered design tool for creating 3D printable electronic devices. We have partnered with Voxel8 to enable the fabrication of truly freeform three-dimensional circuits for the first time.

We believe future electronic devices will be printed rather than assembled. Fabricated layer-by-layer as a single object, rather than assembled from separate parts. Although 3D printing is often associated with throw-away plastic ‘trinkets’, together with Voxel8 we are looking to make functional printed devices a reality. Today we are starting with electronics by enabling the design of 3D wires embedded in printed models.

Project Wire is a new design tool under active development at Autodesk that provides electronics and 3D printing enthusiasts with the ability to place components, route 3D wires, and output multi-material print data for fabrication. 

See the amazing example with the USB LED or with the, bigger, drone model.


via Autodesk and Voxel8 to make 3D Printed Electronics a reality | Spark.

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