Authentise DRM technology Aims to Prevent Piracy in 3-D Printing

By on September 4, 2013
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A good post on MIT technology review, will help you understand more of this technology. Copyright enforcement in 3D printing is still an open issue:

People in the 3-D printing world have talked for years about the possibility of unauthorized copying and sharing of designs—similar to what the file-sharing program Napster allowed for music. Now the first commercial solution to this as-yet theoretical problem is preparing to launch. It was developed by Authentise, a startup based in Mountain View, California.

Authentise’s approach is similar to the way Netflix sends viewers at home a stream of video frames only as their computer needs them to play a movie. Instructions that tell a 3-D printer about how to squirt out material are sent to it only as it needs them. Once the process is done, the instructions are instantly discarded, leaving a completed print but no full digital representation of its design.

via Copy Protection for 3-D Printing Aims to Prevent a Piracy Plague | MIT Technology Review.


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