Anonabox Tor hardware router wants to protect your privacy online

By on October 20, 2014
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The anonabox is looking for funds on kickstarter: The anonabox is an open source embedded networking device designed specifically to run Tor. It’s 100% Open Source and will help you control your privacy while using the internet:

The anonabox provides better security than most available products because it is completely open source, and open hardware. Anyone can audit and browse the code, or download hardware schematics. For this reason, it is guaranteed to be free from the documented back-doors and security flaws common to other commercially available routers. We welcome developers from around the world to create their own uses for the anonabox. We believe the device belongs to them and they are free to modify it any way they like.

via anonabox : a Tor hardware router by August Germar — Kickstarter.


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