An inexpensive FM receiver for the Raspberry Pi

By on February 18, 2022
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In this article we will look at the design and construction of an inexpensive FM stereo receiver for the Raspberry Pi, with impressive results for the cost.

Many FM receiver designs are centered around the RDA5807 or TEA5767 ICs, however Quintic Corporation’s QN8035 will be used in this design. A handful of discrete components on a single-sided PCB is all that is needed to interface the QN8035 with the Raspberry Pi’s I2C bus.

The author, after proving that the FM tuner can be tuned on the command line, then created a clever looking GUI application that makes tuning a breeze. The software allows the listener to manually and automatically scan FM stations, decode program service data, control volume, and view RSSI and SNR readings from the tuner.

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