An High pressure compressed air Kit for bicycles

By on September 30, 2014
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I can tell you this is a funny project but I would totally see a manual pump that can fill your bike with compressed air and let you go.

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Add high pressure compressed air to move your bicycle. The project I propose, is to validate the concept of bicycle running with compressed air at high pressure (210 bar = 3047 PSI). Most bicycles that we find in the community of makers operate with significant size cylinders. The use of high pressure will reduce the size in addition to increasing autonomy in addition to a more streamlined design.

The other point is to develop a low-cost air filling station. This autonomous station will provide compressed gas at high pressure (210 bar = 3047 PSI). It uses a modified manual pump for automatic function and a storage tank. You will only have to plug your bicycle over you, wait a few seconds for filling and voila.

via High pressure compressed air kit for bicycle | Indiegogo.


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