An Affordable Open Source Quadcopter: EconoCopter

By on October 11, 2014
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A custom, affordable, open source quadcopter for the masses!


“The idea all started when we were trying to get into the hobby of quadcoptering (I made that up!). Our problem was that there were no affordable quadcopters that were open source or easy to fly. There was the DJI Phantom (easy to fly but expensive) and the ArduCopter (open source but a bit too technical, not for beginners). There wasn’t much of an in between so we set out to create one. After designing a few prototypes and messing around with the components we came up with three models. The EconoCopter Fledgling, Plus, and Black Edition. We will talk about each model down below in a bit more detail. These quads are perfect for anyone getting started in the hobby or who is eager to do aerial photography on a tight budget.”


Check it out the team website here: htttp://

Campaign >> EconoCopter: Affordable Open Source Quadcopter | Indiegogo.


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