Altergaze opens up Mobile Virtual Reality (kickstarter)

By on April 18, 2014
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This is an amazing project! it is completely “3D printed, with open-source design and very customisable”:

Described in a very basic manner, the Altergaze is a simple and compact mobile phone accessory. You just slide your smartphone inside, and you’re good to go. The Altergaze design provides easy access to your smartphone in case you receive a phone call while using it.

Altergaze has been designed to offer a high quality 110°FOV experience with small screen displays such as those of the iPhone 5 and Samsung S4 Mini

The Altergaze creates a stereoscopic 3D experience with one of the widest field of view ever developed for commercial VR. Used in combination with the iPhone 5 (with Retina Display) images look sharp, bright and colourful, with only a minor screen-door-effect. A low latency head-tracking is provided by the smartphones gyroscope, with 6 degrees of freedom (9 DOF IMU with phones like the iPhone 5).

via Altergaze: Mobile Virtual Reality for Your Smartphone by Liviu Berechet Antoni — Kickstarter.

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