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By on May 19, 2015
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You love cycling but because it can be exhausting you are thinking about an e-bike? Even more, you love your own bike and don´t want to change it for a heavy and bulky e-bike? This is a true dilemma and makes add-e the answer. New technology, high quality materials and quality engineering now makes it possible to turn your own bike into an e-bike with style. Mounted within seconds! With add-e you can choose to use your bike as a normal bicycle or as an e-bike. You can have 2 in 1. No additional space needed! Eco-friendly and most of all with add-e you save money. Just pimp your own beloved bike and do some easygoing cycling, but in style.

Add-e can be fitted to almost any bicycle without trouble, by using the mounting brackets provided. You can fit the assembly yourself without having to make alterations to the bike.
Type 1 (Pedal bearing fitting) is the ideal solution for racing bikes, mountain bikes and many types of trekking bikes. The frame around the pedal bearing is standard which simplifies the fitting. In this case the mounting bracket is fitted on top of the pedal bearing and fastened securely.
Type 2 (Kickstand fitting) is the ideal solution for city bikes and older bicycles with a classical kickstand bracket. With this version the mounting bracket is bolted directly onto the kickstand bracket. If however, you are not quite sure which version you need then drop us an Email and we will be pleased to assist you.

This is not a proper open source project, but we wanted to highlight for a bunch of reasons:

1. it is a green sustainable project we’ll love to see around in our cities

2. it is a very good reference for our DIY followers: it doesn’t seem very complex, who will gather the challenge?

3. this project has been 115% funded and still 20 days to go… impressive! A whole kit costs less than €800.

Source: add-e: Simply add electricity to YOUR bicycle | Indiegogo

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