6 Challenges For PCBs Used In Medical Robots

By on January 26, 2021
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Technology is becoming a crucial part of every industry and is spreading its wings in the world. With the technical advancements, the robotics industry is also providing its services in several forms. Medical Robots are there in the medical industries that help several organizations manage patients and their data efficiently.

But still, there are multiple challenges that the medical robot circuits are facing. Every robot is a device that has ample circuits in it and helps it to manage the tasks. These circuits are hard to understand in the first round, creating several complications to complete medical industries’ tasks.

Before moving further into the post, let us understand Medical Robots clearly.

Medical Robots are a crucial part of the medical institutions to complete several tasks in minimal time. PCB designs in medical robots are complicated because some robots operate as standalone robots, and some of them need human supervision every time.

Different Types Of Medical Robots In The Industry

Multiple robots are operating in the medical industry and helping hospitals to solve tasks efficiently. Commonly we use robots in medical assistance, surgery assistance, remote assistance, and different others.

1. Surgery Assistance

Surgery surgeons use these robots to complete smaller tasks like stitching and other invasive procedures. They also provide visual graphics to the doctors to understand the need for surgery on that patient. Sometimes doctors cannot understand where they need to perform the surgery, and surgery assistant robots provide them a clear idea to perform the surgery.

2. Rehabilitation Assistance

For patients going through a bad state and need mental assistance, rehabilitation assistant robots help them recover from that trauma. The robots can improve the mobility, coordination, and strength of that person to improve his disabilities.

3. Remote Assistance

These robots are commonly used in remote operations to understand the needs of people. They analyze the medical conditions in the area and prepare a blueprint to understand healthcare needs in remote areas clearly.

4. Delivery Robots

Nowadays, the robotic delivery system is spreading in hospitals, where the robots are preparing medications, distributing files, and other delivery related tasks. Hospitals have auto-operating cabins that maintain the delivery systems of healthcare institutions.

5. Disinfectors Robots

Disinfection is crucial for hospitals, and these robots provide smart ways of managing the hygiene of healthcare institutions. Even after the Coronavirus outbreak, disinfectant became so crucial for the healthcare associations.

6. Prescription Dispensers

Nowadays you can see some robots to deliver you the medicines as per the needs. It enhances the speed of prescription distributors and provides smooth pharma services.

After understanding the Medical industry’s robots, let’s understand the developer of Printed Circuit Boards’ problems.

Every medical robot has a different design and mode of operation, which needs multiple PCB designs to complete the robot to operate medical services. Medical robots tend to manage every complicated service in different situations and provide safe medical services in odd situations.

These are the top X challenges that the PCB designers are facing while preparing medical robots.

1. Management of Quality

When the experts design a Printed Circuit Board, they have to maintain the adoption and implementation property of circuits in every situation. They have to prepare boards with the best materials of PCB. The designs must follow the ISO 13485 requirements to complete the best design for the PCB.

2. Proper management of risks in PCB designs

Ample risks are there in the medical industries, and robotics needs more from the developers. If a system fails between a crucial operation, it can affect several things. Maintaining the ISO 14971 and improving the PCB systems are crucial to maintaining robots’ quality and operation ability.

The power source needs to clear all the complications before taking the robot to action, which is complicated to maintain for the PCB assemblers.

3. Prototype and supply

Robotic Printed Circuit Boards are complicated to maintain the quality of medical robots. This is responsible for the performance of robots in every condition. Circuit boards with Artificial Intelligence are required to maintain the quality of robotic operations in healthcare societies.

4. Bio inspiring robots

For healthcare associations, bio inspiring robots are crucial to maintaining the operations smoothly. Circuit boards for these robots are complicated for several PCB designers because they need multi-layer PCBs on a single go. A robot should be prepared in such a way that it can help people easily.

5. Fabrication schemes in the modern robotics

Different forms of circuits are there in medical robotics, which takes time in the circuit fabrication. Complicated circuits take more time to complete the fabrication process, and it requires experts to complete the tasks.

Experts need to maintain the finest quality components in the Printed Circuit Boards with all the fabrication solutions and prepare the robot’s needed designs. The boards have several breaks to maintain the robot’s efficiency, and by choosing the ideal size of boards, experts can build a running robot.

The sensors and other spare parts need to be placed in the right place using a fabrication process.

6. PCB assembling

Assembling is crucial in PCB making, which takes a lot of time and requires experts to manage the complete assembly process. In the robotic machines, the PCBs require high quality assembling with every component mounted on the PCB.

Medical Robots have multiple operations, which makes assembling complicated. Fulfilling every circumstance for PCB assembling should meet the minimum requirements of quality measures.



Printed Circuit boxes have several applications in the world. Due to some complications, PCB experts cannot compile all the resources to prepare the PCB designs for several medical industries applications.

Medical robots are an example of smart machines that can perform several hospitals’ tasks to provide the best treatment. The patients need special care, and medical robots are designed to perform the tasks smartly and manage every patient with real care.

Several PCB requirements are there for medical robots, which consist of multiple designs, operations, Artificial Intelligence, and other crucial parts. Every PCB component needs better installation to perform the tasks efficiently, which sometimes becomes complicated for the PCB assemblers.

If you want to prepare some PCB designs for medical robots, you need some expertise to complete the PCB. It is crucial to maintain the operation of robotic circuits by aligning every component smartly on the board. PCB designs for medical robots are complicated to prepare on one go and require several applications to complete the fully operable medical robot.


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Deleted: Ken works as Sales Engineer at Technotronix. He brings 15 years of experience in Print Circuit board Sales and Technical client Service. Feel free to get in touch with him on Twitter.

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Ken works as Sales Engineer at Technotronix. He brings 15 years of experience in Print Circuit board Sales and Technical client Service. Feel free to get in touch with him on Twitter.

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