Zenko: Open Source Multi-Cloud Storage Controller

By on August 10, 2017
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About a month ago, Scality announced the open source launch of its Scality Zenko, a Multi-Cloud Data Controller. It is free to use and embed into developer applications, opening a new world of multi-cloud storage for developers.

Zenko offers the same user interface, no matter what cloud deployment is being used, something that provides customers with more flexibility claimed Jérôme Lecat, CEO of Scality. Zenko can also handle structured and unstructured data and provides customers with means to search enterprises storage systems.

Zenko is an “umbrella product” said Lecat, based as it is several elements:

  • S3 API – Scality Zenko provides a single unifying interface using the Amazon S3 API, supporting multi-cloud backend data storage both on-premises and in public cloud services.
  •  RING – software for managing scale-out storage. It can handle all types of documents: videos, logs, big data analytics. The only thing that it doesn’t do is scratch/video editing.
  • Backbeat data workflow (not available with the launch but will be released in the fall) – A policy-based data management engine used for seamless data replication, data migration services or extended cloud workflow services like cloud analytics and content distribution.
  • Clueso metadata search (also available later in the year) – An Apache Spark-based metadata search for expanded insight to understand data. Clueso makes it easy to interpret petabyte-scale data and easily manipulate it on any cloud to separate high-value information from data noise.

For Lecat, the introduction of Zenko is a revolution in storage on par with Tesla’s transformation of the automobile — from the traditional combustion engine to one with 17 moving parts, where upgrades are software driven.

“Zenko allows customers to deploy apps that have been written for the cloud — without having to decide which cloud to write. It leaves them free to change their mind. It’s all policy driven: it’s much easier to write a policy than changing provider,” Lecat said.

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