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By on March 13, 2017
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The maker Conor O’Callaghan dediced to use his Raspberry Pi 2B with a 7-inch display to make a home dashboard to show some useful information:

  • Current temperature and weather forecast in his area
  • Next buses due at the local bus stops
  • The news headlines
  • The Tube status
  • His fuzzed location (e.g., at work, traveling)

He wrote the dashboard in Python 3 and used the flask framework. He also wanted to be able to play with NFC (Near Field Communication) tags and see what they could do.

Thanks to his NFC enabled phone and the NFC reader App, is possible to update the dashboard at home placing tags in various locations.

NFC Tools – Pro Edition for Android is a handy application that allows you to program and reprogram actions onto your NFC tags, including HTTP GET and POST requests. He programmed the tags to launch an HTTP GET request to the endpoint running on his OpenShift application.

In summary, about the required hardware you need:

  • Raspberry Pi 2B, 7-inch official Pi display, Wi-Fi adapter, and Pi power supply
  • Cheap NFC tags [NTAG213]
  • An NFC-capable phone with an appropriate Android version, to run the software

For further informations and before to start your project,  you can better understand Conor’s steps here.

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