Xpider: World’s Smallest 3d Printed Spider Robot

By on May 9, 2017
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Roboeve team is passionate about making robots and Xpider is the result of their work. It is the smallest programmable spider robot in the world, only 3.4-inch in diameter and weights only 5.3 oz. You can easily place it on your desk and play with it anytime you want.

It’s a neural network-powered spider robot that fits in the palm of your hand.

It’s an open source project, so you can enjoy to modify 3D models to make your special Xpider for your own. You can also design new accessories and 3D print them to be attached.

Using SmartNode,  Xpider can be easily programmed from computer or iPad by simply drag and drop. You can custom the action of Xpider to perform all sort of robotic tasks, even if human face detection.

The integrated camera gives an entirely different view of the world. Xpider can be controlled from the phone and you can watch what Xpider see on your smartphone or tablet.

The coolest Xpider version is the Curie: powered by the neural network inside Intel Curie module, Xpider can not only be programmed but also it can be trained. Add distance sensors and a remote control; you show Xpider how to act, and its neural network learns!

It’s a fun and cute small robot which encourages everyone to customize it. Check out Indiegogo Xpider’s page and start to make your own open source Spider!

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