What a Funny and Terrifying Portrait!

By on October 13, 2017
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Halloween might still be a month away, but scaring the crap out of your friends is timeless – and all you’re going to need to pull off a killer prank is:

– Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
– 19’’ LCD panel
– PIR Motion Sensor
– Raspberry Pi Camera module

This is enough to build a digital portrait designed with the sole purpose to freak people out. The high-tech portrait was programmed to unexpectedly turn from a regular human being into an abhorrent monster anytime someone walks past it.

To put together this “possessed” portrait, creator Dominick Marino 3D-printed a custom-designed frame that would accommodate the single-board computer and the digital screen. Once he was done prepping the frame, he proceeded to hook it up to his Raspberry Pi 3 B and a 20-inch LCD panel.

Dominick has documented the steps he followed to build the spooky digital frame in this tutorial. So in case you want to pull off the same elaborate prank on your friends – now you have the blueprint.

Check out the footage below to get an idea how the portrait works:

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