We’re at World Maker Faire this Weekend!

By on September 18, 2014
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We’re pretty proud to announce that we’re going to be present at the World Maker Faire this weekend!

You can find us at the Italian Trade Agency – Maker Pavilion MP-13

maker faire pavillion

Among all the beautiful things we’ll be presenting you’ll find more than a yummy update about our amazing 3Drag 3D printer. First, as you may know, lately we’ve been working hard giving the 3drag some great CNC features: you’ll be able to see that configuration working at our booth.

An even more exciting update: in the last weeks we succeed to enable a magnificent new feature for the 3Drag …printing chocolate! Here are some pictures that show you our progress but – in case you come by NYC later on this weekend, please make sure you stop by our booth and see that in action!

To enable the 3Drag to print objects in chocolate, we made a special extruder (to replace that used for extruding plastic materials) provided with an ordinary 60 ml syringe, the piston of which is driven by a NEMA17 stepper motor and a cylindrical heater to keep at a temperature of about 32-33°C, for the chocolate contained in the syringe.

The chocolate to be extruded through the syringe needle (having an internal diameter of only 0.9 mm) should be dissolved; the fusion is achieved by activating properly the heater in which is inserted the syringe without exceeding the threshold of 33 ° C so as to prevent losing the “quenching” chocolate. For this reason, the control board constantly detects the temperature of the heater by means of a 100Kohm NTC thermistor installed directly on the cylinder heater aluminum body.

Soon we’ll publish a complete guideline on how to hack your printer …in the meantime check these beautiful pictures:

3DragChoco_026-450x300 3DragChoco_028-450x301 (1) 1511014_761152490589632_8876365142132087868_n



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