Viper, the Python IoT Development Suite, is now Zerynth

By on March 1, 2016
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The startup that launched the tools to develop embedded solutions in Python language announced the brand change along with the first official release.

Exactly one year after the Kickstarter launch of the suite for developing Internet of Things solutions in Python language, Viper becomes Zerynth. It is definitely a big day for the startup that created a radically new way to approach the world of microcontrollers and connected devices, making professionals and makers able to design interactive solutions with reduced efforts and shorter time.

“We really believe in the uniqueness of our tools, this is why they deserve an adequate recognition. Viper was a great name for a product, but other notable companies had the same feeling many decades ago, with the result that this term was shared with too many other actors out there. We are grown now, and ready to take off fast and light, like the design processes that our tools are enabling”, says the Viper (now Zerynth), co-founders.

Thousands of users developed amazing connected solutions in just 9 months of life in Beta version. Built to be cross-platform, Zerynth’s tools are meant for high-level design of Internet/cloud-connected devices, interactive objects, artistic installations. They are: Zerynth Studio, a browser-based IDE for programming embedded devices in Python with cloud sync and board management features; Zerynth Virtual Machine: a multithreaded real-time OS that provides real hardware independence allowing code reuse on the entire ARM architecture; Zerynth App, a general purpose interface that turns any mobile into the controller and display for smart objects and IoT systems.

This modular set of tools, adaptable to different hardware and cloud infrastructures, can dramatically reduce the time to market and the overall development costs for makers, professionals and companies.

Now Zerynth celebrates its new name launching the first official release of the toolkit. Check it here

Zerynth Press Release_Studio Img

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